Membership Rates


Annual Sub

GUI Subscription

Entrance Fee

Beginner 1st year 2018

€ 200.00

€ 24.00 (Men)

€ 28.00 (Ladies)


Beginner 2nd Year 2019

€ 350.00

€ 24.00 (Men)

€ 28.00 (Ladies)


Beginner 3rd Year 2020

Decided by Category

€ 24.00 (Men)

€  28.00 (Ladies)

As per Category

Distance Male 2 (Over 60 Km)

€ 150.00

€ 24.00


Distance Female 2 (Over 60 Km)

€ 150.00

€ 28.00


2018 Special Offers

Distance Membership Category 1  is available for €200 to potential members, whose permanent home is over 33 Km and less than 60 Km from the club for Year 1. This increases to €350 Year 2 and determined by Category for year 3.(in addition to GUI Affiliation Fees  of €24.00 for Gents and €28 for Ladies).

Distance Membership Category 2 is available for just €150  to potential members, whose permanent home is more than 60 Km from the club, (in addition to GUI Affiliation Fees  of €24.00 for Gents and €28 for Ladies).

New Members also have to pay a further GUI levy of €6.00 for the GUI swipe card – A once off charge by the GUI!

All potential new members can avail of the special rate of €200 ( + GUI Levy) in their 1st year, €350 (+ GUI Levy) in their second year and in their 3rd year they decide on the category of membership they require and pay the appropriate rate in addition to any levy that may be charged for the said category. Special Terms and Conditions apply.  Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque or Laser Card. For Credit Card Payment please add 2.5%.

For further Information pls contact golf club 0659051138 or club mobile 0864118983


Application Form 2018


A Letter to our Members

New Year 2018

Dear Members,

Cyril & Lucy your Captains for 2018, extend greetings to you and your families and wish you health and happiness for the coming year.

We would like to thank the outgoing Captains John Mc Nelis & Mary Keating for their spirited leadership and commitment during 2017.

It is a great honour to be your Captains for the coming year and we look forward to your full support during 2018. We thank all members who gave of their time on a voluntary basis to serve on Mens, Ladies and Joint Management Committees and those of you who support the workforces on the course and maintenance on the clubhouse and surrounds. A big thank you to the members who organized the various fund raising schemes during the year.

As you are aware our Club faces significant ongoing challenges so your generous support in paying annual subscriptions, participation in club competitions, helping to organize and support our various fundraising initiatives is vital to the future and continued progress of our club.

For those who attended the 2017 AGM in December you are aware of the current financial position of our club and the significant level of debt we have.

We are delighted to inform you that an agreement has been reached with the bank that the Finance Committee, Committee of Management and Trustees believe we can service which will secure our future and allow us to enjoy the facility that is Kilrush Golf Club.

Details of the agreement were outlined to members at our AGM in December. The repayments of €24,000 annually for the next 7 years gives us certainty and time to increase our income lines that were badly hit due to a falloff in membership and green fee income due to the financial crash and subsequent recession. We have been providing €18,000 towards interest over the past few years in the absence of a formal agreement with the bank. It took 2 years to negotiate our new agreement which means we are servicing a loan amount equal to less than half of what is owed to the bank. To help meet this repayment one idea put forward and discussed at the AGM was the introduction of a €50 donation from all members on top of their annual subscription. This alone with the support of members should generate a significant sum towards our new agreement which is only €6000 more than we paid for the last few years. The incoming Committee of Management has met recently and endorsed this proposal and seeks your support for this in 2018. We thank all who worked over the past 2 years to negotiate this new agreement on your behalf.

Our Course staff, FÁS and TÚS workers do tremendous work beyond the call of duty and we are fortunate to have such talented and dedicated staff.

We wish our incoming Vice Captain Mary G Nolan the very best and look forward to working with her during the year.  Also best wishes to our President Tom Cleary and Lady President Ann Duggan.

Once again, happy new year, good health and good golf in 2018. 

Club Captains Kilrush Golf 2018. 

Cyril Kelly & Lucy Blake.

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